"The War Of The Worlds continuation: The Martian Diaries - Ogilvy 1913"

by H.E. Wilburson

The diary revelations of one man's race against time to save Earth from the Martians!
A companion book to vol. 1 of The Martian Diaries continuation of The War Of The Worlds
# Alien Invasion
# Alternate History
# Post-Apocalypse
# Sci-Fi
# Steampunk

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Unable to accept that the Martians have been scared off from landing on Earth once more, Ogilvy the astronomer has kept Mars under close scrutiny in the years following the invasion of 1906. His telescope observations in 1913 indicate unusual and sinister activity on the Red Planet, just before an unopened alien cylinder is discovered in the mountains of Wales. Here, in his never-before-published personal diary entries, Ogilvy details the exciting story of how the cylinder is transported to London, and placed on public display. He then has to battle against time to open the cylinder and utilise the alien technology inside to create a heat ray beam weapon of his own, before the Martians arrive again on Earth. This companion book to volume one of The Martian Diaries is a gripping account of one man's determination to protect Earth from the Martian threat, and a must-read for fans of The War of the Worlds. SPOILER ALERT - Please read volume 1 The Day Of The Martians before reading this companion book.